The Ostby & Barton Company was a jewelry manufacturing company founded by Engelhart Cornelius Ostby and Nathan Barton in 1879 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Engelhart was a talented jewelry designer, Norwegian immigrant and goldsmith. He was trained as a jeweler by the Royal School of Art in Norway, followed by a six year apprenticeship in his hometown of Oslo. Mr. Ostby unfortunately passed away on the Titanic at age 65.  His daughter, Helen, who was also aboard the ship, survived by boarding a lifeboat. She took over her father's share of the company after Ostby's death in 1912, along with her siblings.

Ostby & Barton specialized in masonic, art deco, filigree, cameo, camphor and Victorian jewelry.  They were the largest producer of gold rings in the world for some time. 

They continued to produce jewelry into the 1950s, and to this day remain a collector's favorite.